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Therametric Technologies, Inc. was established in 1996 by two faculty members, Dr. Mostafa Analoui and Dr. Mark Saxen, at the Indiana University School of Dentistry and was acquired by Dr. George K. Stookey, Ph.D. in July 2002. It was housed in leased space located within the Indiana University Emerging Technologies Center on the Indiana University – Purdue University at Indianapolis campus through March 2010. Since April 2010, the company is housed in its own new 26,000 square foot facility located in Noblesville, Indiana.  Therametric Technologies, Inc. consists of a Dental Product Testing Division specializing in laboratory and clinical testing of oral healthcare products and devices & Tartar Shield Pet Product Division.  

Key Contact Information

Dental Product Testing 

    Heath C. McClure  (Director of Dental Product Testing)

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            Phone:  (317) 565-8070          Fax: (317) 565-8075      

Clinical Studies 

   Amy J. Nuñez, BSDH, CCRP (Director of Clinical Studies)

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           Phone:  (317) 565-8079          Fax: (317) 565-8078                 


Tartar Shield Pet Products 

    Lisa A. Hoover, BS (Director of Tartar Shield Pet Products)

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            Phone: (317) 565-8095           Fax: (317) 565-8091

General Inquiries

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            Phone:  (317) 565-8065              

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