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Amy J. Nuñez, BSDH, CCRP
 Director, Clinical Studies and Quality Assurance

Ms. Nunez graduated with distinction from the Indiana University School of Dentistry in December, 2007 to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in public health dental hygiene. She also holds associate degrees in Broadcast Production Technology (Vincennes University, 1985) and Dental Hygiene (Indiana University School of Dentistry, 2001). She was awarded the Robert E. Cavanaugh scholarship (Indiana University, 1999) and Rebekah Fisk Memorial scholarship of the Indiana Dental Hygienist Association (Indiana University, 2000) for academic excellence.
Ms. Nunez joined Therametric Technologies, Inc. in September of 2005. She currently directs, coordinates, and manages human clinical research studies. These studies test the safety and efficacy of dental products and devices. Her expertise includes protocol and study design development, creation and submission of regulatory paperwork, and project management.
Additionally, Ms. Nunez is currently licensed in the state of Indiana to practice clinical dental hygiene work. Her past dental hygiene experience includes working in a variety of dental specialties over a period of five years. Most of this time was spent specializing in periodontal treatment and investigational studies involving both periodontal and caries research.

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