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Bruce R. Schemehorn, MS


Director, Dental Product Testing


Another native Hoosier, Bruce R. Schemehorn holds the position of Director, Dental Product Testing (DPT), a division of Therametric Technologies, Inc. He has been working in the area of dental product testing since 1973. After receiving his Bachelors degree from Indiana University in 1972, he completed a Master of Science degree in Dental Sciences Indiana University School of Dentistry in 1985. After retiring from the Oral Health Research Institute of Indiana University School of Dentistry in 2005, he joined TTI as the Director of the division of DPT. As a principal investigator, he oversees contract research for DPT and assures his high Midwest values and standards are applied to every study he works with. Mr. Schemehorn has lectured and consulted throughout the United States and abroad and is a recognized expert in the field of dental product research. He is a member of the IADR (International Association for Dental Research), AADR (American Association for Dental Research) and ORCA (European Organization for Caries Research) as well as a scientific advisor to the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs, a delegate for the US to the International Standards Organization Sub-Committee 7 on dental products and a manuscript reviewer for several dental research journals. He has authored or coauthored 5 chapters in reference books, 45 articles in scientific journals and over 110 scientific presentations on research models and model development.

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