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Laboratory Testing Division

  Heath C. McClure

Director, Dental Product Testing

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(317) 565-8070

In 2005, a new division of Therametric Technologies, Inc. (TTI) was initiated to assist dental manufacturers in product development and testing. The primary mission of Dental Product Testing (DPT) is to offer an alternative facility for dental manufacturers to out-source their research and testing needs.  DPT has expertise in developing, implementing and conducting numerous testing methodologies for a variety of oral care products and devices.     

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Dental Research Specimens


DPT is capable of performing tests required by the FDA and ADA for oral care product approval and claims substantiation 

* Enamel Fluoride Uptake (EFU)
* Enamel Solubility Reduction (ESR)
* Radioactive Dentin Abrasion (RDA)
* Radioactive Enamel Abrasion (REA)

* Pellicle Cleaing Ratio (PCR)

* Total and Soluble Fluoride Tests
* Fluoride Stability Tests
* In Vitro Whitening Tests
* In Situ Remin-Demin Tests
* Laboratory Remineralization Tests
* Standard pH Cycling Tests

* Erosion Tests and Profilometry Analysis


Our DPT division engineers custom enamel and dentin specimens used for testing from extracted human and bovine sources.  We have our own on-site specimen processing lab where detailed drilling, cutting, mounting and polishing of these specimens takes place.  These specimens are then used for our in-house studies and are also sold to sponsors on-demand for their personal testing needs.  Contact Heath McClure for more information.




  • Fluoride Dentifrices 

  • Fluoride Rinses

  • Products for the Temporary Relief of Dry Mouth

  • Products to Help Prevent or Reduce Enamel Erosion

  • In situ Remineralization/Demineralization Testing

  • Sugar Free Chewing Gum to Help Prevent Cavities

"The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs' Qualification of Therametric Technologies, Inc. is based on its finding that the facility has demonstrated their ability to generate accurate, valid and reliable clinical and laboratory data in conducting sponsor's research-related duties and functions in support of ADA Seal of Acceptance Program product submissions."

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