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Gerald D. "Gary" Wood

Senior Research Technician/Lab Manager


Gary began working as a laboratory research assistant at the Preventive Dentistry Research Institute at the Indiana University School of Dentistry in 1967. In this capacity he served as an assistant for numerous research projects and their required analytical assessments. With increasing experiences his responsibilities increased and he has served as the senior laboratory technician for numerous investigations during the past 38 years.

These experiences included, for example, the determination of the fluoride content of various types of biological materials, the determination of the effect of fluoride treatments on enamel solubility, similar assessments of fluoride treatment effects using recycling remin-demin models, radiotracer measurements of enamel and dentin abrasion, and other types of laboratory tests developed to assess the merits of dental products. Gary formally retired from Indiana University School of dentistry in September 2005 and joined the TTI team as Laboratory Manager in October 2005.



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